Why Sulake staff just PISS ME OFF!

Jun 28th, 2010

Most people who knows me would agree that I hardly ever swear, but when Sulake staff are involved that’s all they make me feel like doing. I just fail to comprehend how a company can be so successful while having such incompetent staff! In light of recent events I have decided to post about some things which have happened in the past. Hopefully someone from Sulake will read this and train/fire all of these incompetent people.

Firstly there’s the incident about 3 years ago. This is the first incident I would like to mention as everyone I have told about it will agree the staff are clearly in the wrong. To put things simply, my account received a permanent banned. Yes, I know you’re probably thinking “You probably deserved it” or something along those lines, but let me tell you what exactly happened first! At the time I was in a room talking to some friends, and I told them I was using custom web browser (made by myself) with Habbo as the startup page. This was my preferred method of accessing Habbo  at the time. I got the idea from Jagex actually, I used a simple program like this to access Runescape and I liked it, so I made a simple program to let me access Habbo. All it did was open Habbo with no toolbar so I get extra screen space, it also allowed me to easily identify the habbo window when I had a lot of running applications (which was most of the time). After I said told my friends about it (I wasn’t even offering to let them use it, we were just  talking about web browsers!) I received the ban. Now here’s the kicker, my ban reason was scamming. Can someone please point out how I was scamming them?

Next up is when about 40 of my accounts for perm banned for doing something I was told I am allowed to do not long before I did it. Yes, you did read that right. 40 accounts. Why did I have 40 accounts online in the first place? It was for some screenshots. I asked the staff using “call for help” weather or not I would be allowed to have multiple accounts online at the same time. They replied informing me that is is allowed aslong as I am not using the extra accounts for scamming. So I brought on all of my accounts and started taking screenshots, then I start noticing they were getting logged off. I quickly switch through all of the windows looking for the accounts getting logged off only to find they have been banned for “Terms and Conditions violation – cloning”. Now, I’m a strong believer in reading Terms and Conditions before joining websites, and I have read the Terms and Conditions for Habbo many times. Not once does it mention anything about cloning, so how is it a terms and conditions violation?

Something a little more recent would be in April of this year, My account was given a permanent ban for “Room Scripting” (their way of saying I own too much furniture and their buggy system says it doesn’t exist). I saved most of the emails sent between Player Support and me so I would be able to post them online at a future date, and I am glad I saved them. In fact I’m glad I saved them as they are just so funny to read. In fact,  I have shown a few people and every one of them have just laughed at how incompetent the staff are! The staff claimed they had some sort of proof I had used scripting programs. When I told them they have a problem on their end as I never used any scripting programs, they just closed my ticket stating my problem is “solved”. I even asked them for the proof and I have still not received anything resembling proof.

A little over one month later I finally got my account unbanned, how? Simple. I sent a message to Bamaloo (the hotel manager at the time) on twitter and asked her for a contact email so I could send the whole log of emails to her and see what she will do about it, she asked me to just tell Player Support to pass it onto her. So I wrote up a email for them to give to her which explains that I was unfairly banned, there is no proof I even did anything wrong, how much money I have spent on Habbo Credits, and fansites etc. in the hope that she would read it and finally unban my account. Well it turns out Player Support magically decided to unban me rather than foward her the email. It looks like someone wants to keep their job. Too bad they have all gone to Singapore now. (EDIT: I forgot to mention, I actually asked for a refund on the HC I lost while banned, just over 1 month which would be around $5AUD probably. Funny how they just ignored my email all together)

The final issue I want to mention is the latest issue I have had. The last rare to be released was a “Crystal patch”. Anyone who bought this received a crystal badge. that is to say everyone except me and one of my friends (and probably more that I do not know of). Now this should be a simple matter of me contacting player support, they check my credit history for the purchase then give me the crystal badge. It shouldn’t take more than 1 week at the most right? Wrong. Firstly I didn’t realize people received the badges as I kept looking for mine and never saw it, then when I contacted Player Support it took them a long time to even get back to me.

On the 11th of June I finally recieved a reply from Player Support informing me that my account has recieved the Crystal Patch badge, please note I asked them about both mine and my friends and they have not mentioned my friend’s badge. I logged into the website and looked for it, no badge. No biggie I thought, I’ll just leave it for a few days and try again. So I waited, and waited, and waited. Still no badge. On June 21st I used the new help tool to ask them about the badge again (surly 10 days is more than long enough to wait). I asked them about both mine and my friend’s badge again just to make sure we both got our badges.

The reply I got just made me loose all hope. No mention of my badge AT ALL, instead they simply told me they cannot answer emails that are not sent from the Habbo themselves. They then go on to tell me my friend needs to contact them. Hang on! Where’s my badge though? You can at least help me right? Apparently not. I asked them about mine again and then all 3 of my tickets were closed by the same person within a few minutes of each other without any help given. In fact all the reply said is they believe my issue is “Resolved”. How can it be resolved when you won’t even read what my problem is? I retaliated by copying and pasting a reply to all 3 tickets stating that they have done nothing to help me and my issues are not resolved. Now just today I got another reply, apparently my browser’s cache is the problem.

Sure, I don’t mind them dumbing it down and talking like I know nothing about computers (hey, most players are kids who don’t know this stuff, so you have to expect these things) but claiming “the more you browse the Internet, the fuller your cache becomes!” (their words not mine) is just ridiculous. Come on Sulake, can you at least hire some staff that can speak English? Furthermore I am told I should clear my cache, but they will not provide me with assistance in doing so. Instead they tell me to google it. Great help. My cache isn’t even the problem here. I have tried clearing my cache, different browsers, different computers, I even asked a few friends to check what badges I have. They all tell me the same thing. I simply do not have the Crystal Patch badge on my account.

If you have managed to read this far, congratulations. Hopefully you can see why I am so pissed off with Sulake Staff all the time.

  1. azhunk97
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 00:06
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    i see, same la.. but i’ve never got banned before

  2. Sasha (: [,SportingGoods]
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 00:13
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    Thats just ridiculous. Sulake has some issues here. I would have thought there would be problems anyway, the name ‘Sulake’ sounds somewhat Japanese… there lies your problem (: Sorry I cant do anything to help, Although that isn’t my job, its theirs.

  3. Princess
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 00:15
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    This article shows what Sulake has turned out to be, very incompetent indeed! They weren’t all about business until 2 years ago … :l
    Good work Hintswen <3

  4. chidiva
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 06:36
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    This truly is pathetic. I contacted player support on 3 separate occasions this year:

    1. To complain about an account being banned. I was describing the script I had made for a competition highlighting online safety and anti-scamming being held by Habbo. I made two accounts to interact with each other and ironically the one that was banned was the “naive victim” not the “scammer”. I contacted player support and explained these circumstances and after two weeks, received a badly written repsonse full of grammatical errors telling me that they had decided to unban the account. However, they told me very sternly that they took a dim view of scamming, and my accounts were now on a special watchlist because of my prior misdemeaner (what crime may I ask?) and I would be permanently banned with no recourse to appeal should it happen again (again???? – I did nothing wrong the first time!) The account however was not unbanned, and it took a further two complaints for them to actually get around to lifting the ban.

    2. To complain about being muted for this phrase:
    “I might :pickall my room”
    When i complained to the in-game call for help and asked the moderator to reverse this mute (duration = 10 minutes,) I received a reponse 24 minutes later telling me not to abuse the call for help button.
    The response to my email from player support told me in no uncertain terms that unacceptable language is not tolerated (what unacceptable language?) and that moderators are well trained and can use their judgement to overturn mutes if the occasion warrants this (but nothing about why this incompetent moderator did not do this and also took 24 minutes to respont to a very simple request.. Nothing about revising this part of the programme that is auto-muting Habbos who discuss a command (:pickall) that has been introduced into the game by Sulake itself.

    3. After the merge of the five English hotels ostensibly done for the users benefit, I discovered that as a New Zealander I have lost my access to regional news / events. Habbo AU was Habbo AU/NZ prior to the merge, and we were not told that regional news and events would be governed by geographical IP identification. It is now clear that all New Zealand players have become ‘stateless citizens”. We have been excluded from AU notifications. Approximately 20% of AU players were from New Zealand, and this omission has made us feel alienated and frankly unloved. This complaint made two weeks ago has received no response.

  5. chidiva
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 06:39
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    Basically this business is successful because the concept is genius. Such a shame that the ongoing maintenance of this concept is in the hands of some obviously underpaid and incompetent workers. Imagine the profits if well-paid and well-trained staff were at the helm! The possibilities, oh the possibilities…..

  6. chidiva
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 06:40
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    *imagine / not imaging

  7. Hintswen
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 08:51
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    Aah yes, when they unbanned my account they basically said they will be keeping an eye on me and if anything happens they will ban my account permanently. I’m half expecting to get a permanent ban for something that should only be a 2 hour ban now.

    I’ve also had the same problem when using “Call For Help”. Some help they are, I once used it to report a bunch of people from a fan site who were abusing me and accusing me of hacking their website. They replied telling me to stop harassing them. Right, so they all come to my room and abuse me and I get told off for it?

    Now what I think about it, what is it with people from official fan sites being allowed to get away with much more than normal users? I have seen official fan site owners break many rules and I have used “Call For Help” to report it. Not once has something been done about it. It’s like they see the fan site badge and then ignore all the rule breaking just to keep the fan site up. The whole fan site system is a joke anyway. Awhile back my site was shortlisted, on the forum of another shortlisted fan site someone posted “Bamaloo must have been on crack when she chose this fan site” (referring to my fan site, also not a direct quote but it was something along these lines). S uprise surprise, they got official, my site didn’t. Sure I can understand it’s a forum and they have no control over what is said, but seeing as many of the staff read that post and did nothing about it, I don’t see why they should have been allowed to become official. That being said they were removed from the list shortly after for some reason.

    As for the IP issues, I can only agree with you. This is a joke! I can understand if the competition has a real world prize which requires you to be in a certain area, but why can’t they tell all members about the bands, artists etc. who are visiting Habbo? They make me feel excluded as well, Not long ago they posted a Poll which I could not complete without lying about my age, they had options for the ages 12 up to 18, but it wasn’t a 18+ option so I was unable to complete the poll. Gee thanks. Then there’s the La Trobe Uni Competition, which I cannot enter as I have finished high school. Sure, I can understand the tour of La Trobe is most likely useless to anyone who has finished high school, but I would like to be able to enter and win the Habbo prizes, hey I wouldn’t mind going on a tour of La Trobe!

    There are so many things I wanted to mention in the post, but I was already at 1375 words. If I included everything it would probably be 25,000 words or more!

  8. ignarly
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 12:13
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    I had the same problem with the Chrystal Patch Badge. Below I have put together all the emails,

    >Hey there,
    I didn’t receive the Chrystal Badge, Now I know I purchased it because I went through a lot of effort to…
    I think I brought it between the days of (Thursday) 27th -(Saturday) 29th of May..
    I traded 4 of my HC’s to a user called clarkkent190 in his trading store and he gave me 25c to buy the Chrystal Patch, Then once I brought it I trade the Chrystal Patch to him and he gave me my 4 pures back… And I do not have the badge and I am pretty annoyed,
    Can you please help me resolve this problem.. I really want the badge too 🙁
    Above is the email I sent via Habbo help tool,
    Below is their reply:
    “Hi Habbo,

    Unfortunately it sounds as though you did not read the article regarding the Crystal Patch badge properly. It said:

    Please note: a lot of Habbos have been asking about receiving a Crystal Patch badge when they buy the newest Rare. We?ve got some good news! Next week everyone who has bought the Patch will receive a badge! But here are some things you should know about this special offer:
    * If you buy it as a gift for a friend, your friend will get the badge.
    * If you trade for the Patch, you will not get the Badge.

    As you said you traded for the Patch which is the reason you did not receive the badge.

    Player Support”

    Well I was furious:
    I replied:


    I said, I traded 4 pures for 25credits so i could BUY THE RARE MYSELF!!!!! and then I traded the rare back to the person I traded the 25c to and he gave me back my 4P



    -Regards, iGnarly

    There reply:
    Hi Habbo,

    We’ve closed your help request because we think we solved your problem. If you still need help, please use the Habbo Help Tool again:
    [Help tool link]


    No they didn’t solve my problem I’m still badgeless.
    My final email:
    NO don’t close it, this is unnacceptable, I want the badge, I brought it… So I expect it,

    And the only reason I didnt get it was because I didn’t have it at the time you were handing badges out.

    GRRR, habbo makes me angry.

    Didn’t hear from them again!

    They lied, What they were meant to say is
    * If you have the Chrystal Patch on the day when we hand out badges you will get the badge!
    * If you have traded the badge to someone else, they will get the badge NOT YOU.

    GRR Habbo is pathetic. -iGnarly

    I never received the badge..

  9. Kindergarten,
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 18:26
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    I actually fully agree with you. I sent them a help message saying I brought a crystal patch and wanted the badge but yet they said “Thanks, your issue has now been resolved” So I logged off, reloaded and… NOTHING!

  10. Hadi
    Jun 29th, 2010 at 23:18

    I swear man, when you first showed me that email log, I couldnt stop laughing. Its as if staff are programmed, probs bot who just send resolved. but i doubt its possible to make a bot so narrow minded. btw, they send you cache response through call for help when you say someone is scamming/hacking/spamming etc.. pretty epic if you asked me, get paid to go Ctrl + C // Ctrl + V

  11. nat9655
    Jun 30th, 2010 at 08:19

    I fully agree with everyone, especially Hadi. Sometimes I need to contact player support for things such as a ban. Even though I got the end result in the end, I had to wait a looooooooooooooong time. About 2 months to get the full answer. It feels like they don’t care about what you’re asking… 🙁

  12. gibbo
    Jun 30th, 2010 at 09:53

    Reminds me of my last request when I told them my account has lost association with my email Habbo ID. They give me some stupid faq link which apparently shows how to delink and link Habbo IDs. Only thing it mentions is activating your account on Habbo.com which I’ve already done.. so I followed that anyways with the password resets and nothing changed.

    I was going to reply back to say that it was no help and ask for my associated email address however I’m sure they’d ignore it >_>. That stupid override screen is annoying!

    Auto-reply FTL.

  13. Dragonbladex9
    Jul 8th, 2010 at 22:53

    This issue needs to be seriously address as a long time playing citizen of habbo au I am personally sick and tired, this is unfair to me and everyone that feels my pain.
    I get banned A LOT, Chidiva you might know that; I am pretty sure other people know it as well the thing is I am fed up with is the amount of AUTO Messages I receive, I want to speak to a actual live person not a bot that does not answer my question (calling 777 on vodafone is bad enough :P)

    As for your money problem hintswen how they didint refund your HC that you lost, Sulake will not fork out money due to the fact that they are to busy becoming a monopoly.
    I would love to add some serious ‘words’ to this comment but it would be unprofessional of me.
    I dont want to go on too longer but I would love to debate this issue with someone…

  14. Dragonbladex9
    Jul 8th, 2010 at 22:58

    What LEGAL issue can I take into consideration, writing a letter to the editor of sulake?
    I want something done about the moderators they are incompetent what happened to the good ol’ days when a Mod will come to your room and have a civilized conversation..?

  15. kibimaru1000
    Nov 21st, 2010 at 06:16

    im right there with you sulake has the worst employees ever i put 2 years and probably $250 into my account i made a long time ago and i stopped playing after i got hacked 1 time but i gradually started again and got a lot more stuff but heres the worst part i got grounded for a month or two and by the time i could get back on i had forgotten my password no biggie right i can just click i forgot my password WRONG! they wouldnt send me my password i waited and waited and tried and tried and then i evenually got an email saying that the email to reset my password had been sent no it hadnt and its been 2 years since and i still get emails that say it has been sent and i have a lot of stuff still so i call the sulake company its only a computerized voice message and you have to know who to contact i have know idea can anyone help me this is infuriating

  16. jack
    Dec 22nd, 2011 at 19:10

    i hate habbo if your black thay kik you my loya will be seeing this on tusday and taking it to court and sulake gonna be shut down

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